free hams

hi so sometimes companies might pay us to make special age hams and cards that are for advertising their products and then we would send these hams and cards to yooh

our for real promises: 

1) we will only do this with a company/product/brand that is not evil and bad

2) the company would have let us create a card and ham that is true to age hams first
we would never send yooh something that would not feel like it is from age hams and/or that would not make yooh laugh and/or feel happy to have gotten such an advertisement
if yooh are interested in getting on this list just click here and fill in the form
we will never use this info for anything else and we will never sell it to anyone or give it to the advertiser and also yooh may remove yourself from this program at any time
also if yooh are a company or brand that would like to use this service email us at