friends of age hams programs

we are looking for new ways to spread the word about age hams and if yooh like age hams maybe yooh can help 

we will send yooh free age ham singles and yooh will give them to people or talk about them online - there are three categories for doing this so much:

servers & bartenders

if yooh do one of these jobs then giving our have a nice day singles is a great way to inspire people to give yooh great tips and also to make them smile

tap this ham below and fill in the form to get started on the road to free age hams

social media friends

if yooh would like to talk about age hams on your social media we will send free cards/hams to your friends and family

we are not even looking for hardcore influencers or something - if yooh are active on social media that is all it takes - just tap this ham and fill in the form to get started:

kids who want to give them out to their friends
(parents - yooh can sign them up)

if yooh are a kid and want to give out a bunch of age hams at school to your friends and classmates this is a great deal for yooh

just tap below to get started thank yooh