partner programs

whether yooh someone who loves age hams and wants to help us promote them or yooh are are a professional (or up-and-coming) influencer who wants to partner with us on a product, we would like to propose a toast or whatever:

1) hambassador program

the deal is yooh do a post about age hams and we will send free age hams to your friends or family or whoever whenever yooh want us to, or maybe we will just give yooh money dollars 

we are not necessarily looking for “influencers” for this program but rather people who like/love age hams and want to help us spread the words about them

if yooh happen to have a huge following or are an influencer that is fine too - we just want to make sure our hambassadors are people who know and like age hams in a way that is genuine

so if yooh have 10 followers or 10 million followers fill in this form if this is interesting to yooh

2) product partnership program for influencers

this program is for a person or brand or whatever with a sizable audience who would like to have a custom card and ham stamp 

we will produce the product and fill the orders and handle all of the busy parts. yooh just have to promote it and then collect a share of the money dollars

we have all kinds of ways to structure this as far as money dollars goes so click or tap here to fill in the form for this and then we can do a talk

3) other things

if yooh have an idea on how we could partner yooh can always email us at thank yooh