hi okey we finally have t-shirts and they are nice t-shirts to wear for sure

we are doing all of our tees through teespring and that is a reliable company to do your t-shirt buying business with

yooh can buy your tees right here and then here are some notes:

1) all of your buying and shipping and order tracking and checking and returns and etc are through teespring, ie we will not know anything about the status of your t-shirt order other than it exists

2) we are starting our t-shirt journey with 8 designs and they are over there and again here is the link:

all designs come in four fits/styles:

    • women's tri-blend (supersoft; slim fit)
    • unisex triblend (supersoft; slim fit)
    • women's comfort (still really soft; not as fitted)
    • unisex comfort (still really soft, not as fitted)

it is very easy for us to make any of our ham stamps available on a t-shirt - if there is something yooh want, just email us at and we will get it up for sale for yooh

okey that is all for now

if this goes well we will definitely be doing more designs than just the single hams but please let is know what yooh think so far thank yooh