hams for those summer birthdays

time to get them

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get hams for grads

they will love them

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here is what it looks like to receive our cards and hams

1) first the envelope arrives and it is nice to hold and to look at


2) then your person opens the envelope and they see the card and it is in a nice sleeve with everything and behind it is a hamitat


3) when they flip over the sleeve they see so many things, ie the age hams and the ham tents and a sticker maybe


4) finally they will set up everything and be so happy and they will probably text yooh a thank yooh note with a smile emoji

sending age hams to friends and family is easy and yooh will like it we promise

our new 5-ham deluxe sets are here and also they are exciting to buy

if yooh enjoy high fashion

why are all of our buttons different

colors what in the world is going on