hi here is the most common question we get ie what is actually being sent and what does it look like when it arrives


below this are 3 short videos that show some more info on shipping, etc thank yooh

1) first the envelope arrives and it is nice to hold and to look at


2) then your person opens the envelope and they pull out the card and the ham, and the ham is in a plastic sleeve with its ham tent


(if yooh add a sticker and/or extra age hams these items will also be in this same sleeve)


3) next everything is out of the envelope and maybe they read the card and introduce themselves to their new age ham


4) finally they will set up the ham tent and maybe let the age ham relax a little and as yooh can see there is a place on the tent to write the age ham's name so much

okey now here are three quick videos yooh can watch to explain age hams so much


please note: these videos have one outdated piece of info - since we updated and improved our age hams in sept 2023 each card comes with one ham - yooh can upgrade to get three for $1)


we will redo these video soon thank yooh


1) what are age hams

2) what does it look like when the person gets their age hams card from me

3) how does shipping work

@agehams here are our shipping method we promise this is easy when yooh are ordering even though this seems confusing thank yooh #greetingcard #greetingcardshop #greetingcardshop #greetingcardbusiness #pigs #pigsoftiktok #smallgestures #simplegift #simplegifts #giftsforher ♬ original sound - age hams

other quick notes about our product:

our cards are high quality they are 5x7 inches in size and printed digitally on 120lb cardstock


our ham tents are printed on 65lb cardstock so that they can fold in half so much while still creating a nice roof for your age ham


our envelopes are white and we do not remember the weight but they are heavy enough that they will not get murdered by the mail

okey if yooh have any other questions yooh can email us at or talk to us on instagram or tik tok or something