hi here is the most common question we get ie what do your cards and hams look like when they arrive


scroll through this page to see that and then also the shipping options and other helpful information

1) okey first here is our basic 5x7 envelope - this is when yooh order and have us mail it directly to someone else


this costs 50 cents and there is nooh tracking information - it is just regular mail

2) okey next is what the envelope looks like when your person opens it


yooh can see that the card front is facing out and the ham, ham tent, and sticker (if added) is there in a nice plastic sleeve

3) here is a close-up of that ham and tent sleeve - if yooh added a sticker it will be in there too but we did not put that in this photography

also if yooh add the two bonus hams they will be in this same sleeve along with two additional ham tents and that looks like this


(one other note is yooh do not get to pick your ham tent designs and if yooh have three hams there will be three different tent designs)

4) then your person takes everything out and they look at it including the exciting back of the card

here is what the card backs look like - we redesign these from time to time to keep everything exciting

5) finally your person will set up their ham tent and begin their new age ham lifestyle and another thing is they will never throw away their age ham right

guess what there are more shipping options and here they are

6) yooh can also have us mail the envelope with the card and ham inside another bigger (9x7) envelope for $1


yooh should do this if yooh are mailing it to yourself to give to someone in person and yooh will see why below just keep doing your scrolling

7) now the actual envelope with the card and ham is inside the big envelope and only has the recipient's name on it


so that is better for like handing to someone and being like "here" and then smiling or doing like a wink-and-point

8) finally yooh can ship your cards and hams in a padded envelope with a tracking number and this costs $3.99 per address


again the cards and hams are in their own envelopes with just the recipient's name on it


btw if yooh order 3 or more cards to the same name/address we will automatically ship them all together like this so much 

other quick notes about our greeting card product:

our cards are high quality they are 5x7 inches in size and printed digitally on 120lb cardstock by a nice company that does commerical printing


our ham tents are printed on 65lb cardstock so that they can fold in half so much while still creating a nice roof for your age ham


our envelopes are white and we do not remember the weight but they are heavy enough that they will not get murdered by the mail

okey if yooh have any other questions yooh can email us at or talk to us on instagram or tik tok or something