hi these are all of the questions we get a lot and then the answers to those

to watch 3 short videos showing yooh what is actually sent when yooh order and some other things, go right here

if yooh have questions about shipping then go to this page

okey here come those questions we update these now and then so please check back soon

how did age hams start

it was a sixth grade entrepreneur club project and then some other things happened and it became a real company

where did the name age hams come from

who can even remember but here is part of the story on our facebook page and yais that is a real chat thank yooh

the short version of the great story is there was some goofing around on the internet and then we accidentally saw the words "age hams" together and we liked it so much that we decided to figure out what an age ham could be

what if i am still confused about what the actual product is and what i am ordering

that is okey just go to this page and there are three short videos that will show yooh everything and also tell yooh everything

is hugh jackman really in charge of your social media and emails and texts

yais and it is the same hugh jackman that was the greatest show man and also he was wolverine

are yooh a victim of the capitalist machine

yais we all are and time is running out before age hams becomes one of the oppressors of the capitalist machine for example every time we set a new record for orders in a day we start looking at spreadsheets and feeling our soul leaving thank yooh

can i come and meet your dogs and give them pets

yais joey will be your best friend right away and blue will too it just takes him some time to get to know someone but if yooh give him graham crackers that will help a lot