join a hamily

hi how is it going yooh are probably here on this nice page because yooh just got an age ham and yooh are having your age ham join a hamily


well good job following directions


it is important for your age ham to be in a hamily so much and that is for a lot of reasons but here are some of them:


1) your age ham will have brothers and sisters and cousins so much and maybe a nice aunt or something and that is fun


2) we will know your ham's name and ham stamp and then if yooh ever lose or damage your age ham we will send yooh a clone of your ham for free


3) by joining a hamily yooh and your ham will be able to compete in the bealern’ifes cup every august and that is your chance to win the exclusive bealern’ifes cup championship age ham


4) yooh are supposed to join a hamily so just do that okey