yooh have graduated

⭐ 3 age hams of your choice

⭐ 3 regular sized ham tents


⭐ main card (3x4 in) with megatent on the back

⭐ second megatent with different design


⭐ 5x7 hamitat base card for the age hams to hang out on (back of hamitat includes a fun activity of some kind)


see photos for packaging and more details - all of our cards are shipped in a nice padded envelope with a tracking number

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product description

wow it is this great card for those graduating people so give it to them thank yooh 

hi here are all of our age hams yooh can scroll through them it will be fun

* hams 001-011 only have their nice stamp on one side - all other hams have stamps on both sides thank yooh